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Thank you for giving our company the opportunity to provide you with information on our "Vegas Night" experience. Black Tie Casino prides itself in offering quality entertainment and a large variety of equipment at an affordable price.






Here is a brief explanation of the wide variety of casino games we have to offer.


3 Card Poker - Three card poker is a fast and easy to learn stud poker game. Now available for play in all Vegas casinos. There are three ways to play and 4 ways to Win. Make a wager on your 3 cards, bet against the dealer or bet on yourself and the dealer. It’s not Texas Holdem; but, it’s FUN…

Rock/Paper/Scissor's - Player's compete against the dealer. A specially designed deck of cards starts the action. Player's can make basic bets or take on the wager increase bets. Oh yes, a BONUS wager is also open... This is really FUN! TRY IT !   Customer quote : " is this game in Vegas yet ? "

Black Jack - Truly a favorite of many. Player plays against the dealer. The closest hand to twenty-one without going over is the winner. Aces count either one or eleven. You can split any pairs and/or double down. The dealers are always willing to help you, don't be afraid to ask. (stand up or sit down)

Craps - One of the most popular games in Vegas. A game of betting either with or against the dice. Our dealer will explain the game to you if you are a beginner, here's where to "learn". A great way to learn the game. (stand-up only)

Roulette - Many fortunes have been won at this game (many have also been lost). A game using a wheel and the luck of the little ball. There are many different ways to bet at this game. Bet on a single number, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 number combinations. You also have red, black, even and odd bets, high and low. A great game for beginners to learn. (stand up or sit down)

TX Holdem Poker - "Let Us Host" a "game" or "tournament" of TEXAS HOLD'EM for your guests.

Red Dog - A game of "in between". The dealer turns up two cards. You bet on whether the third card turned up will be between the other two cards. A game that can be learned in a matter of a few hands. (stand up or sit down)

Chuck A Luck - A 3 dice game - you bet on which numbers will come up. Bet correct and your selection will reward you with either and even, 2 for 1 or a 3 for 1 payoff. (stand-up only)

Caribbean Stud Poker - A "unique" game of poker where the dealer needs an A and K or better to qualify. If the dealer doesn't qualify, the player wins even money on their ante. Players get bigger payoff's on their bet for two pair or better. There is also a separate bet made for a special jackpot! (stand-up or sit down)

War - Yes! Like Las Vegas Vacation - high card wins with "ties" being the true "WAR". (stand-up or sit down)

Money Wheel - A spin of the wheel. You bet on whether the $1, $5, $10, $20 or special spots come up. Odds are paid accordingly. (stand-up only)

Let it Ride - Based upon 5-card stud poker, designed for players to control 2 of their 3 bets wagered-easy to learn. Players do not play against the house or each other. (stand-up or sit down)

Gamble on the Green - Really a unique competitive golf game. Consists of specially designed golf putting holes. Players will play against each other or hold a tournament "It's fun and challanging!"

Beat the Dealer - "Roll the Dice", can you beat the dealers toss... Easy to learn and play. (2-16 players)

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