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Casino Parties are a fantastic way to raise money for any cause. With active entertainment for all your guests, from War to Chuck A Luck for the beginner; Blackjack, Poker, Red Dog and Let it Ride for the experienced player, to Craps and Roulette for those who love a challenge. All of our professionally trained casino dealers will teach your guest basic rules and advantages along with different strategies of the games; so, this is the perfect opportunity for your guests to learn a new game or just brush up on their skills.

Black Tie Casino has been involved with Fund Raisers since 1986 with each a positive success. Some organizations have had such unbelievable results it is now an annual event for them.

Organizing a casino Fund Raiser is very challanging; but yet, quite easy, go at it step by step...

1. Secure a facility for the event. Keep cost as low as possible. Try to use a school, community center or a facility willing to donate a portion of the rental costs to your cause.

2. Advertise, Advertise, and Advertise your event. Put flyers in local stores, businesses, send newsletters, bulletins, create local news articles, and promote to radio and television (usually at no costs).

3. Ask your local businesses and members of your organization to sponsor a table (offer both full and cosponsor programs). In return you will put a sign on the table showing name or company sponsorship. It's tax deductible.

4. Ask store owners and businesses to donate prizes to your event. In return, you advertise for them mentioning who the gift was donated by both in advance and on the night of your Fund Raiser with your auction, drawing or blind bid auction.

5. Sell tickets to the event. Provide entertainment, food, beverages and prizes. For example: For a donation of $10, $20, or $50 you will receive $10,000 worth of casino tokens for your gaming +, +, +, +.

6. Decorate the facility for atmosphere. (Optional; but, quite exciting!)





Just six easy steps to a successful Fund Raiser. Now sit back and enjoy the casino while we do what we do best!


Please give us a call and we will gladly assist you in making your event a Spectacular Success!

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